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Why Reservation Should Not Be Caste Based?

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Before I bash out about Reservation, I would narrate a small story.

Vipin, a co-worker of Budhiya was found dead near slums. He used to work at a construction site near our apartment. He was from Bengal and came to Gurgaon in search of work. He did suicide and didn’t leave a note as he never got a formal education. We knew him as he also used to help us in our household works. When people went to his home in slums his three children were all alive but were rotting. They had nothing to wear and were smelling as dead. They were surrounded by garbage piles and bunch of cartoons that they must have tried to eat. The place was all rotten. They did not have toilets and even utensils. God knows how they ate?

Worms and vermin were all over the place, even on their naked bodies, eating their flesh. The younger one among the three smiled as she thought we have brought some food for them. We didn’t even bring water.  They were about to die. It seemed like they didn’t have anything to eat in weeks. The hardest part is to see someone dying that too painfully and you can’t do anything about it.

Every nerve was visible. They appeared somewhat like this rotting to death.



When Budhiya was asked about all this, he said:

“You can’t feel the pain of a hungry person when you eat every day. The government should help us financially.”

Vipin had three children and no money to feed them. He left them to rot. The question is who should be blamed?  The government? the people?  It was harsh to know that poor are not aware of the reservation. Budhiya and Vipin didn’t even know about the reservation quota.

There are only around 25-28% people belonging from the general category in India and rest all are reserved but still there are millions of people like Vipin and Budhiya starving for food, shelter, and education. They are reserved from the time of independence as it was required at that time. The backward casts were suppressed and humiliated for a long time. Thus to make the reforms and promote equality, the Reservation system was introduced but it never reached the majority of reserved. It became a political agenda.

Reservation has been used mainly by the most powerful communities like Yadavs in UP and Bihar, Jats and Gujjars who have been striving for OBC status in Rajasthan. Marathas in Maharashtra and Vokkaliga in Karnataka among many others.

Today when around 75% of India’s population is reserved why we still have people like Vipin and Bhudhia? Why are they still rotting? Why are they still not aware of their rights? Vipin could have studied and with the help of reservation could have made a great career. The reason he died is the lame practices of the government.  The rich are getting the reservation and leaving the poor to rot

The rich are getting the reservation and leaving the poor to rot

Why Reservation should not be caste based?

Because it promotes casteism. It promotes hatred among different castes. Reservation based on caste will never ever change the situation. Why should you receive reservation on basis of caste if you are financially sound? Just to make more money and to vote the politicians who promote reservation.

There should be only one parameter to decide if someone needs a reservation or not i.e. The money his family holds not the surname. 

Secondly, If one generation of a family is benifited by the reservation then the coming generation shouldn’t be allowed to take benifits of reservation, as an educated and financially sound person will make his coming generation educated and fit for competitions.

Have you seen a group of kids playing together? They touch each other, they share their food and they love each other but this isn’t the same as they grow up. Somehow they come to know about the rules of society and the adverse effects of the caste-based reservation system. Hatred is natural.

The backward caste needs respect more than they need reservation. A breeding generation if remains closer throughout the studies and life then definitely the caste system will soon disappear.

Vipin belonged to SC/ST and Budhiya was from General category. I feel they both needed Reservation.

14 thoughts on “Why Reservation Should Not Be Caste Based?

  1. I liked the view of writer but it could be more effective by altering the length of story. I think, writer should come up with a solution too along with the bash.

  2. Dear, It is very right said by you with this heart touching story. We need to do modification in existing Criteria. In my opinion the Criteria must be according to the need of people or for realy needy people. In existing Criteria benefits is not reachable to the all right people who are needy and this mishaps takes places in our great country. In my opinion the all person who are claiming this facility must think one time once before that ‘Realy I am in need for this option, What I can not servive without it, What I can offer this opportunity to the needy’.

    May be this step will be helpful for making good future of real needy people. May this step will also give internal pleasure to the person and may be almighty also give him best possible life to him.

    1. Only a blessed mind can come up with these thoughts. Prem your thoughts are wonderful. People should think before taking the benefits of reservation.

  3. Reservation must be on the basis of financial condition of people,poors need to be benefited with this so that they can come to main stream. Casteism is the biggest hurdle in country’s growth.

    Good job Writer, keep writing & raising voice against such issues.

  4. One of good option is above and adding to this as per MY opinion why not to restrict the present concept of reservation to once in lifetime.
    Why to exaggerate it to every step of life i.e. education,employment etc
    Above all any step is well acknowledged if it works for awaking the government from its slumber…

  5. Instead of giving reservation, government should provided the facilities which the people need, facility like free education, free meals, free study material etc. By establishing a standard norms, which will be as per financial condition of people………

  6. very well said brother…our government are very well aware of this but the problem arises here is a voting issue ballet factor it only takes h strong step to swipe out this evil but what holds it is a latent fear of that there parties can be demolished but indeed someone have to make a change

  7. Very well drawn and effective presentation of reservation system’s concerns and last point of yours have hit the iron very hard. Best wishes!!!

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