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“Zayesha I feel we should stop talking to each other!” I said in a firm voice

“Why so?” she replied within a moment, surprised a bit.
“You will fall in love with me.” I blended love in my voice.
“I have fallen Siddharth! I love you!” she spoke her heart out.

Her voice showered love, divine was the feeling. You know love happens just when nothing seems correct. I met Zayesha the Day when the sun had different shine, the breeze sprinkled magic. I never felt the same way that day. These are the now feelings.
The love was not instant, not from my side. She may or may not have fallen, But it was her eyes that never took a break from me. I too made sure she feels amused with my presence. She said you look good today. I should have said thanks instead I said you appear more aesthetic. She blushed. We exchanged numbers and then hearts.

“Really you love me?” I asked cunningly.
“Should I blow you a kiss from here then only you will believe!” she tackled my cunningness with her charm. I could hear her smiling. she appeared confident from the moment she articulated her feelings out. when you have spoken your heart out you feel totally different and that’s what she showed me.
“I love you too!” I said. Hours we talked with feelings  different from other days. Love has a different set of emotions other than that of what we are habitual to. The feeling was inimitable.


3rd September 2011

“Good morning baby.” She called me at 6 in the morning. Long distance is truly about calls and texts. This was the best morning in these 23 odd years. I felt her lips around my ears. Her voice was soft as clouds.
“Morning! Love you Zayesha!” I replied.
She cut the phone.
“listen Siddharth! you are my priceless possession and don’t dare to call until I say my parents are gone.”
I read the text after she kept the phone. I had Goosebumps after that. Was this cute or was it rude? I had mixed feelings.
My phone ranged another message came.
“And here is a picture for my baby”, her picture followed this caption. She sent me a picture. Now everything was cute. She definitely understood my feelings. Her picture was a morning grace, hairs scattered all over her face made me more curious. She appeared beautiful but different. The attitude on her face has changed. She was in love.
I developed a habit of reading our old conversations that happened before our relationship. I started finding them funny and much adorable. She once said she will fall in love many times before she will actually confess.  She fell every day for me before She confessed. We talked less but that every time we had a conversation, it went beautiful than the last one. She was a charmer. We texted late night but never had late night talks.

“Good night.” she said at 11:03 PM.

4th sept. 2011

The number you are calling is busy! please try again later. An electronic voice said it 5th time after I was continuously trying her phone. it was 5:45 in the morning. I thought I would give her a surprise. Finding her busy at that time was awkward and annoying. I continuously tried her phone , she didn’t respond.
She called me up at 6 shouting at me.
“Don’t you understand what I told you yesterday! don’t fucking call me unless I say.” and she banged the phone. I didn’t say a word or wasn’t given a chance. I didn’t even ask about the phone going busy.
Was falling in love going to be a nightmare for me? or maybe she was on periods! but yes that moment was nothing less than a daymare.
10:23 PM
She called up. I didn’t receive. She did it again, my fingers didn’t move. The 12th time I answered.
“Hey, baby, where were you? I tried calling you,” she said in the most innocent voice ever. I found it cute.
“I was busy partying with girls,” I flirted my voice.
“You know baby! I will kill those girls better they stay away from you, you are mine only, love you!” she had a serious tone in her voice and she kept the phone.
I tried calling her and found it switched off. The word possessiveness has a different meaning in love and soon it becomes an obsession.

5th sept. 2011

12:01 AM
Siddhart I am sorry for what I did today. let me clear you one thing I feel I hurried my feelings into love. I need time.
12:02 AM
You should come up and talk to me on this.
12:04 AM
Ok fine you don want to reply. You will regret not replying me. Bye.
I read these texts 6 AM  in the morning. Sometimes you sleep with your ass having anesthesia. I tried calling her up. She picked in a ring.

“See Siddharth! I was just giving us a chance and it didn’t work. The day I will fall for you will be no day. So lets split our ways.” she said it with so ease.

I took this storm calmly and said fine. I had no answers for her abstruse feelings. She always comes up with different feelings. Moments earlier she appeared mad for me and not less than in a second she started hating me. This girl was in a serious dilemma.
Maybe I too hurried my feelings. She wasn’t mean to be with me. I felt no pain but was in dilemma  to smile or to cry? I was dumbstruck. Everything with her ran around my eyes like a filmstrip and then a tear dropped. Maybe I was in love and she wasn’t.

6th Sept 2011

It’s been two days I haven’t heard from her. She never responded back neither I tried. She was every were from  my thoughts to my heart. I never made her a habit but still, her conversations were alive in my mind. My love was short and ended much before I realized I was truly in it. It’s hard to live when you keep falling in love with the person who doesn’t love you back.
A message popped on the screen. The tides turned. It was her name on the screen.
“Siddharth I wanted to tell you from weeks but wasn’t available here. I love you. I hope you don’t get me wrong. Reply must.”
I read it twice before actually calling her and got a busy ring, annoyed I kept the phone.
I tried it again after five minutes just to found it busy. I kept the phone. Within a moment her name flashed on my screen. I picked it up to hear what she want now. A tornado was waiting.
“Hello Siddharth, I was calling you only.” a male voice came and he continued.
” I have fucked your Ayesha. Oops! she was typing something, let me read it for you.”
Are you angry with me Siddharth? I love you. I wasn’t able to understand my mind and now when I have said it, you are not replyi……
Fucking bitch! she was also cheating on me. This wasn’t the first time I fucked her but yes it was the last time. You know they both loved you.”
I wasn’t familiar with the name Ayesha. Who was  Ayesha and this guy over the phone?  The word both echoed in my mind  but before I could ask for an answer  zayesha’s voice came on the phone. It gave me my life back.
She spoke the unbearable.

“Now you also die Vihaan with Zayesha. This bitch tried to come between me and Siddharth. I have loved Siddharth from the moment he first spoke to me. He is just mine.”
I heard another yelling over the phone. She continuously stabbed that guy. Zayesha was killing somebody.

“What the hell are you doing Zayesha? stop it!”, I yelled on my highest pitch.
“Siddharth listen to me. I love you baby. I love you. I am Ayesha. This whole time I was Zayesha for you. She was my twin and bitch loved you. You know I even  killed Vihaan my boyfriend for you  and made him kill Zayesha thinking of me. I plotted this whole sweet melody.  Twins are just god gifts”, she laughed no less than evil.

My hand went numb. I was petrified. I didn’t spoke a word. The moment I witnessed was a curse. I was standing alone there holding my phone, hearing Ayesha pleading for her love and laughing repeatedly. She went mad and stabbed the dead bodies again and again. I couldn’t breathe. I just wanted to run away from everything. You know I met some other girl and fell in love with the other. I don’t even know the other side of the story. I meet Zayesha, had conversations with Ayesha and fell in love with her.

9th sept 2011

The newspapers say she was a possessive psychopath. She is alive but she has died from inside.

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