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Why Is It Necessary To Fall In Love?

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“I Gambled In Love


Won Eternity”

Have you ever tried eating Vanilla Ice-cream with Gulabjamun (an Indian Sweet)? Try it once. That taste is love. That feeling is love. You rarely know how you are feeling but it is definitely out of the world. You will witness emotions which are far apart from the general set of emotions you are actually habitual to.

It’s a whole new world waiting for you. You know how it feels to fall in love? It’s like bubbles in the water, walking on the clouds, falling free in the air, soothing winds on your face, counting a million stars, listening to the echoes and a perfect hangover without wine. It’s love. Its human tendency to fall in love. It is your pathway to attain equilibrium of emotions.

Yes, it is necessary to fall in love. There is nothing more exciting than love. Fall in it’s most pious form and at the nudest state. Love doesn’t take time, it just happens in a moment, that particular moment when you feel; this feeling is inimitable and someone is above everything. Although the definition has changed over time. Today love is more sexual than its origin. There are desires in love but intimacy should be the last step of love.

Touch her without touching her; that is love.

Do fall in love, do cry, experience the restlessness, become a devotee, experience the magic of being together, hear the abnormal beats, watch the goosebumps as the thoughts tickle you, be petrified of losing each other, experience the narrow chances of having a family.
It’s life do fall in love and someday! some very beautiful day you will feel preserved for the fact that you fell in love. It will always be a beautiful chapter in your life.

6 thoughts on “Why Is It Necessary To Fall In Love?

  1. Touchy :)but it’s really rare now a day to find a person with the same feeling as one have for her/him.
    Love is a feeling which makes you strong in any condition… rare to find n hard to handle .

  2. Wht if one has already fall fr sm1 who didn’t evn gave a damn to that prsn ??
    Bt d prsn is also being approached by other one who really loves n cares… so should that prsn stuck on the things that happened or should prsn continue with d othr one who loves…??

    1. Being loved by a person is kind of eternity. If he/she is being aporoached by someone who truly loves him/her. Then definitely should give this thing a chnace. It is worth it. 🙂

      1. As we knw there r many obstacles come in every relationship like insecurities, lackof cocommunication, family problems, studies n many more so hw to overcome with it…

        1. When you are together nothing will stop you from being together.
          Love is never a distraction to anything. You will come over every hurdles if handled correctly.

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