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The Long Forgotten Idea Of Love.

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Let’s fall in love again, not with the idea of falling in love but actually in love. Do not decide to fall in love, let it happen to you.

The love at its nudest state. The logical idea of love. The true idea of love. Let’s remove the dust from those old books which enclose the secrets of your heart. Those stories of unrequited love. The state of numbness wherein your lips could not gather words to match with your heart. That once in a lifetime feel. Let’s love in the most unpredictable way. I want all of it.

idea of love

I want my cells to dance at the music of his heartbeat. I want him to remember the way my lips take a curve when he looks at me. I want him to know how I feel him when the wind blows. I don’t want him to bulk my inbox. I would rather have him tickle me till my stomach aches. Let’s look at the moon together and he be a witness of our making love. Let’s read books together and have a love story of our own.

Let his face be the only face you imagine, let his voice be the only sound you want to hear and let his love be the only thing you wish to feel.

I don’t want expensive dates. Let’s go on a ride to some abandoned place and lit it with the magnificent spark of our love. Let’s do not call each other for a while. Come, sit and talk to me. I want you to notice the way my hands move while I tell you my stories. Fall in love with the way I intimidate you with my humor and style. Let’s wait for the day we madly desire to break all the rules and fly above the horizon.

I don’t want the love belonging to this high-tech era. Can i get some from the black and white times?

This is how exactly you feel when you fall in love at first sight.

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