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How To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work.

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You probably have clicked the link to help yourself to revive or save your long distance relationship. Kudos to you! you are at the right place. So you are having difficulties in maintaining the same old charm you had once in your relationship. Is the distance taking a toll on your relationship? or you just can’t figure out what is going wrong these days? hold your tears we are here with life-saving tips to save your long distance relationship.

Long distance relationship has always been one of the hardest to survive. The distance eats all the love and the charm of the relationship. You keep on missing those cuddles, kisses, and hugs. It is like two souls waiting for revival but the paths never unite. But wait have you seen some couples who are in long distance relationship and are very happy. You must be thinking about the reason behind their smiling faces. Here are the tips to organize and save your long distance relationship:

  • Keep Expectations As Low As You Can:

Expectation is a futile thing; it hurts. Although relationships have expectations from both the sides but when you are in a long distance relationship you need to check the level of expectations. Distance is pure evil and one can’t just fulfill every expectation. Expect what can be turned into reality. Do not think hypothetically as it may ruin the whole beautiful relationship. Lower the expectation is, brighter the future will be.

  • Remain Faithful:

Trust issues have always ruined the whole relationship. Distance has the power to make a person unfaithful. Futile expectations, less communication, fulfillment of desires lead to unfaithfulness. Always remember do not ever break someone’s faith just for no reasons. Serve your love honestly. Love unconditionally and wait for the revival. Someday you will reunite. When you feel weak just remember why you have remained faithful so far. What were the reasons you fell in love?

  • Meet Regularly:

Although you are living miles apart but plan to visit at least once in a month or quarterly. Plan surprise visits, camp together, go for weekend holidays and make memories. Try to Celebrate special days(Birthdays, anniversaries e.t.c.) together. These things will boost the charm of your relationship. Periodic meetings will not just help you to retain the old odor of relationship, it will also ensure a brighter future.

  • Encourage Physical Intimacy And Sexual Talks:

Intimacy is a part of love and should be never ignored. Get physical and share a passionate sexual bond with your partner. Sex is although overrated but yes it creates a spark in a relationship. When you are in long distance relationship, the dirty talks are very helpful. It rejuvenates the hormones and increases physical intimacy. Talk about your intimate times and sex. Sexual desires are always driving forces of a relationship.

  • Have Regular Communication:

Converse on daily basis and try to talk about interesting topics. Find similar topics which interest you both and be a good listener. Communication acts as a bridge to eliminate the distance. Long distance relationships need frequent updates and communication. Have video calls, send recorded messages, talk about future plans. Although sending letters is pretty old-fashioned but surely is romantic. The handwritten letters carry a different feeling with them. Do not have excessive talks as it slows down the whole thing. Keep it short and charming.

  • Give Space To Each Other:

Always respect someone personal time. Allow your partner to spend time with family and friends. This change will remove the toxics from your relationship and will definitely help you to  eliminate irregularities of your relationship. Wait for the call rather than calling continuously. Do not be obsessive and try to be less possessive.


Love has the power to change the world. The emotions it carries is widely celebrated. Although following these tips precisely will be a cumbersome job but we can assure you  a positive result after you will follow these small yet powerful relationship tips.  How to make your long distance relationship work.

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