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So, That’s What Happened Over Coffee; They Fell In Love.

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It was late August, and she had just got over with her final class. She was walking out of her class and she saw him. He looked at her and he smiled.

“Hey Priya, are you going to catch a bus or train today to home?” He asked her. It was five in the evening and she hated trains.

“I am going to get a bus, Ryan.” Priya lived forty-five minutes away from her campus. And it was her final year at University. She was doing her majors in English Literature. She was lost in her thoughts without realizing Ryan had followed her to the bus stop.

“You are boarding a Bus too?”, She raised her eyebrow and looked at him.

“No! Actually, I have got this assignment on medieval Sociology and my due is tomorrow, I have completed my rough draft. I just thought you could go through my work and do the editing, I mean if you are free….”, He stumbled midsentence; probably thinking Priya would refuse to help him.

“Yeah sure, Why not”, She answered fumbling with her bag thinking what brought Ryan here to ask for her help. She always had a secret crush on him from last three years, they were friends. Not that close but often she would catch him staring at her, giving her warm smile whenever he saw her across the campus.

“You are life savior Priya, I owe you a coffee date at Bistro’s!” He exclaimed. She blushed pink, wishing for a quick escape. Ryan handed over his paper to her as bus driver came honking. She got on a bus, waving back to Ryan.

Next morning, Priya found Ryan working on his thesis in Library, She handed over his paper to him annoyed “They are perfect, Why would you give me those paper which are already approved by your professor?!”, She demanded.

He was amused “So that I could take you to a date!”, He taunted teasingly.

“You could have simply asked me, Ryan, I don’t like being played”, she said sullenly, a little bit frustrated thinking how stupid she was to think that a smart guy like Ryan would ask for her help.

“You know what Priya, It took me three damn years to walk to you and say Hi! and if I have just simply told you that I like you and I want to know you better, you would have said No to everything.” Priya’s heart softened and she felt guilty at the same time.

“You want to take me on a date?” She asked him.

“Yes Mam, I do”, Ryan Confirmed.

“Just so you know Irish coffee is my favorite”, She said mockingly.

“You are my favorite woman” He whispered, not loud enough for her to hear. He just smiled and walked her to Bistro’s around the campus. He already knew what this lovely, nerd woman loved. From her favorite books to her favorite bands she heard. He was in love with her simplicity and she was in love with his kindness.

So, that’s what happened over coffee. They fell in love after three years of knowing each other probably arguing about which coffee was better, her Irish or his Americano.

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