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This Is How Exactly You Feel When You Fall In Love At First Sight.

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Somebody said love never happens like that but for me, it happens. That magical moment when she first comes in front of you and something strikes in your minds ‘unbelievably beautiful’, your heart pleasantly skips a beat and you say ‘she’s the one’.

What is it? It’s love, the love at first sight. Thoughts of her will make you feel ecstatic. You will feel that you know the face from ages ago. That inimitable beauty of her will make you to think of her, to desire her and to love her. It’s like addiction the more you do the more you get addicted. Even the momentary sight of her will make you feel enlighten from within.

You start to live with dreams. The beauty you saw a moment ago will become everything for you and a sweet smile will run across your face that every time you will think of her and then you can’t deny the fact that you are in love. Daydreaming is also significant.



The word beautiful seems to be insufficient to describe her beauty, she is more than beautiful. Her beauty is the perfect summation of all the parts in a way that nothing to be added, nothing to be altered and nothing to be taken away and that smile makes it more exotic to watch. The god must have brought up his impeccable skills to carve her.

You know, what my personal experience speaks is that “some kind of satisfaction enriches my soul after seeing her”.

After trying all the possible methods to interact with her, the day comes when she is there in front of you. That’s the right time to click. Just forgot the whole world, bend your knees, grab her hands and sweetly penetrate her heart with your words. Believe me, you will feel eternity just a step when she will say ‘yes’.


But it does not always happen and as heartbreaks are more contagious than heart attack these days so you better prepare for the prior one. Everything in the world has two faces i.e. good and evil and many of times evil may make you cry. Sometimes the situation becomes this much worse that you might back out from your own story. But Believe me, just stand strong in every single moment and see how much blessed you will feel when she will be all yours.

Faith and loyalty, you really need both of them. They decide the transparency of your love; they bring up your relationship in a strong and catalytic way and are the key to a successful relationship. Determination, right from your soul will provide you a staircase to your dreams. Always stand for her and make her feel special. Make her believe you, to need you, to feel you and to love you. You know the path of love leads to heaven and she is heaven. But above all its love, unconditional love in your heart will secure your sweet space in her heart.

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  2. Love at first sight is very much true. The estatic feeling when she comes before u can’t be explained. Nice thoughts!!!

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