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Do Not Wait To Express When You Are In Love.

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“Hello”, a male voice spoke over the phone.

“Yes”, she replied within a moment.

“Wish you could have said 10 years ago”, he said.

“Raman?” she knew that voice and the pain too.

He kept the phone and smiled. A story ran in his mind. It was after 5 years he heard her voice. She was once her life and he could have never imagined a single day without her but destiny had some other plans. Rekha had many stories behind her name she was so beautiful. They both lived in the same locality.

She dialed the number again. Raman answered the call.

“Raman”, she said within a moment. Raman smiled over the phone. He knew  once she would hear his voice she would call.

“Are you married?” he asked the most important question. They both were 32 now. Raman had no idea what was going in her life.

“No, Yes!” she replied in very unusual manner. “But I want to meet you””, she said in the same tone.

“I too want to meet you”, although Raman had many questions in his mind but how could he say no to the person he loved the most in the world. Rekha left Kanpur a long ago and Raman was still there amidst her memories. How beautiful their story was. Everyone knew about them. They know someday they both will live happily together but nothing happened like that.

The date was decided. Next day Raman left for Agra, the city of love to meet Rekha. He was going to meet her after 10 years. Rekha left the town the day Raman expressed her feelings to her. She also said no to Raman’s proposal before leaving. Raman remembered every bit of her. How he fell in love with here, how she was different from all other people he knew. He knew she loved him but she was not ready for a commitment.

Rekha was there in front of him. She appeared the same after all these years even more beautiful, Raman on another hand never cared for his looks. He was in love. Tears fell from his eyes and ran through his checks. Those tears were of joy. The joy love gives you. The joy of being together, the joy of unification.

“Raman, do you still love me?” she asked.

“There will never be a doubt in that”, Raman replied.

“How easily you just expressed your love” she was amazed.

“It is never easy to express, it took me 3 years to say I love you, Rekha. You know I fell for you the second I saw you”, Raman Said.

“I know it is never easy to express”, she took a pause.

“I do not even know why I have called you here, I want to live those old days again”, she completed her sentence.

“You want to roam around?” Raman asked her because she was wild and she loved to roam. He still remembers how they used to cross the rocks to reach the rivers and sat near the flowing water and talk about absolutely nothing.

“I know you do not want to roam, I remember you only loved my presence”, Raman was amazed that she still remembers.

“You know Rekha after you left Kanpur, I decided that I will never fall in love again but will definitely marry someone and will keep her happy. I was 28 when my father selected a bride for me. She was beautiful but something stopped me from marrying her. It was you. I was still in love with you.” Raman always had a habit of speaking things very clearly.

“You should have married her.” She suggested.

“What is the point of marrying someone if you will never be able to love that person ever in your life?” Raman replied within a moment.

“That is why I also resisted my family’s urge to get married for several years for some unknown reasons. However, my father has selected someone for me, he is from Kanpur, and I cannot resist this time. I am going to marry him. .” She said very calmly.

“So do you love him?” Raman asked.

“No, not yet.” She replied.

“Then why are you marrying him, you will never be happy with him”, Raman had tears in his eyes.

“You know Raman I also tried falling in love after I left Kanpur but never was able to. Something was stopping me from falling in love. It was you, Raman. It was your memories, you unconditional love.” “I love you, Raman!” She hugged him.

“But what about that other guy whom you are going to marry?” Raman asked.

“You are the guy Raman. I told my family that I love you and will only marry you and my father said you can. That is why I called you. I never knew I was in love with you and I never knew that my family will agree upon this whole thing.” She said.

Raman knew she loved him from ages but it took her 10 years to realize that she is in love. If you feel you are in love, do express. Do not wait for the winter to pass.

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