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We Don’t Give Up On The People We Love, Do We?

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They stood silently by a broken down car; arms crossed, deep frowns, loud breaths, silent mouths. This wasn’t how this trip was supposed to go. This trip was supposed to be the trip; the ultimate trip before he popped the question before she said yes before they lived happily ever after without ever running into disagreements again. But that’s all they did, they disagreed all the time.

Aarav decided it was enough and it was time he got to fixing that flat tire. Giving him a side eye, Nia decided to storm off and sit inside the car.

“Nia, if you could please bother your ass to come help me with this?” said Aarav, forcing a smile through his tight lips. If he had a dollar for every time he had to put up a fake smile for Nia, he’d be a billionaire.

“Oh I’m sorry, are you talking to me?” she asked, returning the same fake smile he’s given her. Oh, how she knew he was going to get all annoyed only a few days into this trip. They were great together, just not for too long; if they spent more than a few days with each other they could successfully drive one another into rehab and make the earth explode itself simultaneously.

And oh, oh, oh how she thought they could get married someday.

Not happening, she thought. In the not so deep depths of her mind, she was banging his head on a wall and yelling her lungs out. That’s how much he infuriated her.

And as though he had read her mind through the nasty looks on her face, likewise, Aarav thought with a grump of his own.

“Oh no, I was talking to this flat as fuck tire,” said Aarav, gesturing at the back of the car. “Hey there tire, can you please fix yourself? That’d be great, thanks a lot!” He mimicked a livelier version of himself; one he usually was. Nia chewed on the inside of her mouth, she couldn’t be more exasperated, you could see the fumes flowing out of her nostrils.

He stared at her blankly, expecting her to start yelling at him, bang the door and break a few things and since nothing was around, it could’ve just been his bones; he was aware and therefore, the tiniest bit scared. And since he knew better, he shook his head, took a deep breath and walked to the back of the car all by himself.

Truly, Aarav had always been the calm, sarcastic one and Nia, the controlling, moody one. They were nothing alike; they disagreed and fought and debated but at the end of the day, Nia knew he was the only one for her. This is why they were on this trip. Not to drive down the wide, beautiful roads of Spain, but to bond…to make things better. And no matter how much they argued, Nia knew she loved him; that he was her only family, that he was all she had known since she was seventeen.

Aarav had lost any hopes of help coming from the front seat of the car so he immersed himself into changing tires and as he ranched the bolts out of the flat tire, he felt eerily aware of the rock inside his jacket pocket…but should he worry? He wanted not to, he was willing to make this work, they still had a whole week…unless Nia decided to jet back to India this second because dear god, he knew she could.

But he knew she would knock on his window at three in the night and apologize her heart out. That’s what he liked about her. She was passionate but also deeply emotional, she was moody but not egoistic, so he definitely knew for a fact that they couldn’t be separated; not even by an earthquake or something intensely tragic like that. They were like glue; the stickiest, rubberiest one.

And then he hear shuffling; a click, a soft bang, footsteps and then a shadow fell over him. He tried to look up at her without smiling. She seemed less agitated, what a relief, he thought.

Nia looked around, the sun was almost dipping into the horizon and it was starting to get subtly cold. To her, it meant that Aarav was about to start sneezing in the near future.

“Still need help?” she asked, raising her brows.

“Sure.” Aarav smiled and Nia walked around the car to get the spare tire out.

When they’d successfully changed the tire, both of them were greasy and dirty but most important of all, they were happy because sometimes, sticking together through disagreements can help you sail through the storm. After all, we don’t give up on the people we love, do we?


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