What Are The 5 Changes We Need In India?

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“By Changing Nothing,

Nothing Changes”

This is what we and the country is doing every day. I interviewed various people with only one question.

What difficulties do you face in your day to day life because of the faulty system and what changes you feel should be implemented?

Ramesh was the first one to be interviewed. He narrated his small story. Ramesh belongs to a lower middle-class family and was waiting to get a bed for his wife in the hospital but was neglected as the son of some VIP arrived an hour after Ramesh came and he was admitted the moment he arrived.

Don’t you feel India has an immense number of VIP’s? from small politicians to government officers, they all have been given the status of VIP. Are they really worth it? The first change among various changes which should be implemented is:

Excessive Number Of VIP.

We Indians have a lame habit of treating every superior person to us as a VIP. Buttering is something which has only grown over years. The government officials are the servants of the people and the system they are not above the system and should not be allowed to exercise illegal benefits of being a VIP. I have various questions in my mind and I am not afraid to ask these questions. Why every politician even illiterate one is treated as a VIP? Why are actors given privileged facilities? Why are the government officers given the status of VIP? What is wrong with us and the system?

The number of VIP’s should be limited to the President, Prime minister and Chief ministers. No other person of any stature should be given access to VIP benefits. That’s it.

Ravi is my fellow villager and has only studied till 5th standard and is a bully. He is the president of the youth association of khawwadi Party. I interviewed him.  He said, “It is just the beginning, I will soon be among the high-level politicians.”

The second change among various changes which should be implemented is:

Education level and Retirement Age of Politicians.

Do you really want an illiterate person to run a whole state or even a country someday? He is not even eligible for any jobs out there then how can be the one creating jobs? The politicians should be at least graduated preferably from Political science. No one less than graduates should be allowed to stand in the election.

Talking about the retirement factor. There should be an age of retirement. Keep it around 70 but at least it should be implemented. Why you will vote for a person who can not even walk properly. How will he run a whole country?

Rohit was interviewed next. He is a school going boy and is preparing for JEE. His financial condition is not so sound so is working hard and doing self-study to crack JEE. The results came and he was not even able to clear the preliminary paper. His friend Bhushan who scored 23 marks less than Rohit was considered eligible for the mains paper. Bhushan belonged to reserved category and his father was a central government employee.

Did Bhushan really need the reservation or it was Rohit who should be given reservation without any second thought? The third change among various changes which should be implemented is:

Criteria of Reservation:

Our system practices the wrong criteria of reservation. For all the general category out there, Don’t you feel bullied or the caste based reservation system. For all the reserved caste people, do you really need reservation or you need respect?

Caste based reservation promotes casteism. It promotes hatred among different castes. Reservation based on caste will never ever change the situation. The backward caste needs respect more than they need reservation. A breeding generation if remains closer throughout the studies and life then definitely the caste system will soon disappear.

There should be only one parameter to decide if someone needs a reservation or not i.e. The money his family holds not the surname. Secondly, If one generation of a family is benefited by the reservation then the coming generation shouldn’t be allowed to take benefits of reservation, as an educated and financially sound person will make his coming generation educated and fit for competitions. Want to read more on this issue click here.

Bhushan got admissions to one of the prestigious IIT. No doubt he was excellent in his studies but somewhere reservation helped him to achieve the target easily. He will soon be out of IIT and will serve the foreign countries. With this, i come to my fourth change that should be implemented among various changes.

Migrating IITians.

It should be made compulsory for an IITian to serve the country first in any of fields he wants. There is a lot of spending done on IITians that goes from the pockets of common people. They why we do not deserve the services of IITians. They are among the brightest minds in the country. Today India is a developing country and needs beautiful minds to shape a greater future.

IITians should not be allowed to migrate to another country without an initial service time for the country of at least a year in any field they prefer. Our army needs better R&D, our space research center needs better scholars. IITians can pacify the development of the country. It is for the good of the country to pass this law. I know many of you will not agree on this implementation but believe me IITians can bring a good amount of change.

These four were the changes that system should implement for a better country. What about us? what do we need to change?

Rupa is a rape survivor but she has guts to live her life. she just holds a grudge against the mentality of our Indian society. I interviewed her. She cried when I asked if her family supported her throughout this whole redemption period. She said nobody even wanted to touch me or feed me. It is hard to live in India as a rape survivor.

The fifth and the last change which should be done by us is:

Change in the mentality of Indian society.

Respect Women! They are not for your arousal act and definitely are not sex objects. The clothes she wears never decide her character neither the way she acts even not the way she talks. The girl with a shorter dress is not there to  give you pleasure as soon as you ask her and forget to do it forcefully. Do not assume anything from your own. Do not think A women full flesh is worth touching, worth imagining everything. Want to read our detailed view on this issue click here.

Treat your child equally and do not blame the society for anything. There are people who are from the same society but they are not like you. A new India is rising and we respect women as they are our pride.

We hope you read it through and we would love to hear from you. What changes you suggest and the benefits of it. Please comment.


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    The first and the last point of yours pertaining to the mentality change is certainly an important issue to be addressed. The idea of using our human resource doing studies and research in premier institutes of India to serve their motherland for at least 2 years would make them realize their duty towards the nation. It is a very creative idea to be implemented.

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